LEMASA offers an extensive line of accessories for waterjet solutions.

Straight nozzles and fans

Straight nozzles and fans for water blasting with guns or devices.

Rotary nozzles

National manufactured nozzles ideal for pipe cleaning or surface preparation with high performance.

High pressure hose

All hoses are pressed, tested and bid certified. Maintenance and recertification after technical evaluation.


Hydrojetting device with maximum safety. Suitable for cleaning evaporators or pipes in the vertical position.

Power box

Ultra-high pressure 3 / 2 control valve to control gun water flow and / or work with Multi-Gun system.

High-pressure guns

One or two trigger guns, ideal for surface cleaning.

Safety flex

Flexible hose anti-retraction system for cleaning heat exchangers.


Ideal for internal pipe cleaning from 09 ″ (228 mm) to 20 ″ (508 mm). Used in conjunction with Rotary Nozzles (Gladius, Dagger, etc).

Deck Blaster

Device for cleaning paint grids or painted metal surfaces.


Multipurpose surface preparation system for both floors and sides.

Safety arm

Ideal accessory for cleaning high surfaces (over head) safely.

Protect Jet

Protective suit for water blasting. Protect Jet allows the operator to work safely and comfortably.


Cerberus LEMASA is a semi-automated flexible hoses advance and return system for cleaning heat exchanger tubular bundles with remote operation.


High-performance semi-automated surface preparation device. Fixed by powerful magnets located on the three wheels that allow them to be anchored to ferrous plates in any position.

Triple jet

Semi-automatic evaporator cleaning system with 03 simultaneous hoses.


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