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High pressure pump and hydrojetting equipment

LEMASA Pump Line

Meet the most complete line of super high pressure and ultra high pressure pumps.

Easy Power Line: Compact surprising for versatility

Due to its compact design and low weight, it is perfect for fast jobs where larger equipment cannot access.

Accessory Line

Check out our extensive line of accessories for water blasting solutions.

Know our news

Intellihead Technology - Intellivalve

The new generation of LEMASA heads (SAP IV and UAP IV).

Own made nozzles LEMASA

New line of high performance nozzles manufactured by 100% national.


Semi-automatic robotic equipment that allows you to safely change exchangers.

Recent Articles


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Find out how to choose the best solution for the services performed in your company

8 July 2021

LEMASA accessories: discover items capable of improving your hydrojetting results

Check details of a safety device for high and ultra high pressure and see the spray gun types

March 4th, 2021

Get to know the models of high pressure hoses for hydrojetting and their applications

See which devices are essential for safe and efficient operations

March 4th, 2021
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