Why choose hydrojetting for surface preparation?

surface preparation

Surface preparation by hydrojetting is a powerful cleaning technique that uses high pressure water to remove impurities and prepare the site for painting. Undeniably, over the years the surface accumulates dirt and contaminants that can be harmful.

But when performed with the right equipment and accessories, the method is successful in removing insoluble salts, old paint, rust, solid, soluble and insoluble contaminants and scale.

In fact, service is the subject of this text, which will reveal its advantages and efficient solutions.

Benefits of hydrojetting in surface preparation

First, before presenting essential items to carry out this work, we want to highlight its greatest advantages.

Undoubtedly, one of the great benefits of using hydrojetting in surface preparation is that it does not cause damage and wear. Thus, it eliminates only the layers of paint, rubber, oxidation, dirt and other unwanted materials.

Likewise, by eliminating the use of abrasives, hydrojetting eliminates the generation of particles in the cleaning process. In this way, it reduces operational costs with the destination of residues generated in the performance of the service, facilitates the operator's work and, when compared to abrasive blasting, offers 85% greater purity.

In addition, the method does not use chemical products, does not promote a roughness profile, has excellent yield, does not produce sparks or sparks and complies with international environmental laws ISO 14000, BS 8000 and ISM CODE.

The disadvantages of other methods

In addition to hydrojetting, there are other techniques that perform surface preparation. But they can represent some disadvantages, as you can see below:

  • Sanding: when performed in this way, the service can damage the structure and even increase labor time due to the need for rework to remove residues that were not eliminated at first;
  • Abrasive blasting: in this case, the service impairs productivity and generates rework, since at the end of the process with an abrasive jet, it is necessary to collect the waste generated;
  • Mechanical treatment: the method is performed manually with brushes, sandpaper, scrapers and other tools. However, it does not apply to grade A surfaces, it is more expensive than abrasive blasting, it is recommended only for minor repairs, it has low production and its results vary depending on the quality of the execution. In addition, before painting, it is recommended to complete the treatment with washing with fresh water.

Main contaminants and segments that need the service

After discovering the benefits of hydrojetting and the disadvantages of other methods used for surface preparation, we want to highlight which contaminants most interfere with paint adhesion.

First, there are the visible ones, which are rust, scale, dirt, dust, oil and moisture. In the same way, non-visible dirt, such as soluble salts, can also appear.

surface preparation

In addition, it is important to highlight which segments most need surface preparation. Thus, the service has possible applications in the naval, petrochemical, civil construction, automobile and oil platforms industries.

Thus, the work acts in removing epoxy paint and oxidation, opening a roughness profile to receive a new paint.

Discover ideal accessories for surface preparation

Discover ideal accessories for surface preparation

In fact, after understanding a little more about the method, one of the main doubts refers to what equipment can be used for its realization.

In this case, the ideal is to bet on Ultra High Pressure equipment from 2.000 to 2.800 bar (30.000 to 40.000 psi).

But to determine the proper pressure for the job, there is a need to analyze some factors, such as debris present on the surface and the degree of oxidation of the equipment.

However, some accessories are able to perform the task with complete precision.

So, now that you know the importance of this service and its applications, it's time to check out items that can offer the best results in surface preparation. See some LEMASA solutions:


Firstly, among some of the essential products for hydro-blasting to prepare surfaces is Katana.

It is a pistol with a pneumatically operated rotating lance, with a double trigger and nozzle holder for 04 or 06 sapphire inserts.

In addition, the item has a rotation speed of 3.000 rpm and its maximum pressure is 3.100 bar (45.000 psi).


Indicated for applications in the chemical, petrochemical and oil platforms industries, the Lizardjet it is a high performance device for surface preparation.

In this way, fixed by resistant magnets located on the three wheels, the item allows its anchoring in ferrous plates in any position. That is, vertically or even upside down.

Likewise, the item has an alternative arm system and cleans the surface by removing barnacles and shellfish from vessels, in addition to the complete painting of the side.

Finally, the product, which has an intelligent, light and compact construction, reaches areas of difficult access, has pneumatic or electric movement controls and has safety devices.

Scimitar 40K

The rotating nozzle Scimitar 40K it is a robust tool with rotation control for high efficiency hydrojetting. The item was specially developed for surface treatment services, in manual or automatic spray operations.

Multi-Jet ® 

Finally, we want to introduce you to Multi-Jet ®, a versatile system for preparing multipurpose surfaces for floors and sides. The solution has double triggers and the pressure and water flow is released instantly through the Power box valve.

Among its main applications, we can highlight the naval, petrochemical and automobile industries, in addition to oil platforms.

Did you like to know a little more about surface preparation? So keep an eye on our blog to see other content like this.

And if you want to know a little more about LEMASA's solutions, just click here!

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