Boiler cleaning: know the importance and advantages of this service

cleaning of boilers

Hydrojetting is a service that offers many advantages. After all, it is a safe solution that offers total efficiency cleaning surfaces, industrial tanks, pipes and heat exchangers. Today we want to talk about how this task is performed in boiler cleaning.

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Equipment maintenance

Based on the regulations, it is considered that the maintenance of boilers must be carried out periodically. Because that way, it is possible prevent accidents e avoid some problems operation of the machine.

After all, stopping equipment like this can not only compromise an industry's productivity, but also its revenue.

Therefore, it is important to comply with the good practices determined by the boiler manufacturer. Because, when maintenance is carried out correctly, the equipment preserves its useful life and manages to operate in full efficiency.

Therefore, in addition to cleaning this machine, the ideal is to perform some analyzes such as:

  • Inspection of the furnace weld crossings;
  • Verification of the water supply system;
  • Analysis of electrical wiring;
  • Observation of the steam outlet;
  • Piping conservation analysis; 
  • Visual examinations of rear and front mirrors;
  • Electrical panel reviews;
  • Tests on emergency systems;
  • Cleaning the boiler body;
  • Calibration of safety devices.

The importance of boiler cleaning 

In fact, boiler cleaning is an important action for any company that works with steam. The equipment, widely used by industries in the sugar and alcohol sector, needs special care to work efficiently and optimally.

Boilers generate steam through the use of liquid or thermal energy and eventually wear out.

The damage happens because of possible corrosive processes. In addition, the problem may also arise because of accumulation of debris impair the equipment's operation.

cleaning of boilers

Therefore, it is extremely important to clean the boilers. Because when the obstruction is eliminated, the machine is free to perform its functions and also avoids problems that compromise its useful life.

The use of hydrojet

Undoubtedly, boiler cleaning is an essential task, which can influence the results of the industry.

But it is possible to rely on a method that can offer even more agility and efficiency to the process.

The cleaning of this equipment with hydrojet, consists of a high pressure water jet applied to remove oils or greases. In this way, it is possible to remove objects and dirt that may impair the operation of the machine's pipes.

In addition, as it does not use abrasives, it is an efficient and safe solution, since it does not harm the health of professionals and does not emit pollutants and particulate residues.

The advantages of hydrojetting  

Hydrojetting is a very advantageous solution for industries in different segments, such as: naval, automotive, civil construction, oil platforms, sugar and alcohol and many other areas.

But attention is also needed with the operation speed. Because the factor is very important for its efficiency. To have uniformity in the removal of the encrustation, it is recommended to work with an average of 700 tubes per nozzle and hour worked.

In addition, the company's productivity can also improve. As already mentioned in the text, dirt can cause a series of problems on the machines, including their stoppage, which slows down the team's performance.

Likewise, one of the highlights of this method is its versatility, which allows it to be applied in different sectors and in activities such as cleaning equipment and pipes, controlled hydrodemolition, concrete apicalization and surface preparation.

Hydrojet pumps are also safe and do not damage surfaces. Thus, the union of this solution with the appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) allows a complete boiler cleaning with less risk to the operation.

Finally, another great benefit of this method is the economy that it is capable of generating.

In fact, the service can use the water recirculation to supply the hydrojetting pump, ensuring best cost-benefit in this type of task.

These are the main advantages of hydrojetting in cleaning machines and surfaces. This subject has already been the subject of other texts on our blog, which even showed which factors should be considered when choosing the best solution for your company.

Want to find out how to find the ideal equipment for your segment?

Read here our full article and see how to get this choice right!

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