The new generation of LEMASA heads (SAP IV and UAP IV)


New fourth generation (INTELLIHEAD) head system for LEMASA High Pressure Pumps for SAP IV (up to 1.400 bar - 20.000 psi) and UAP IV (2.800 bar - 40.000 psi) systems.


The new system is supplied on the L-100 / 2, L-150 / 3, L-200 / 4 and L-300 / 4 models with electric drive and diesel and SAP IV and UAP IV versions. Installation of an UPGRADE kit is also possible for LEMASA Pumps of SAP GIII, UAP II and UAP III models.


System with single valve mechanism (INTELLIVALVE) eliminating other existing components from previous versions of the headstock system.


  • 88% less components than previous version (27 parts versus only current 3 parts)
  • Maintenance-friendly hinge system eliminates the need to remove the pump head and allows easy access to INTELLIVALVES
  • Fastest maintenance downtime (only 15 minutes versus 1,5 previous system time)
  • Low maintenance cost (fewer parts)
  • Longer component life as valves have 30% more guide
  • Upgradeable on older generation pumps (SAP GIII, UAP II and UAP III)
  • Tranquility in the operation of waterjet equipment, as it does not require the accompaniment of experienced mechanics that are generally expensive and scarce in the market.