Hydrojetting: know the advantages of the service for the sugar and alcohol industry

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  • Hydrojetting: know the advantages of the service for the sugar and alcohol industry

Without a doubt, hydrojetting is a service with many advantages. The work, which in general removes the accumulation of encrusted materials on certain surfaces, offers many benefits for different industries, such as sugar and alcohol, for example.

That is exactly what we are going to talk about in this text. We want to show how this action can help the plants.

Are you curious and want to know more? So read on and get your questions answered!

What is hydrojetting? 

First, before explaining how much the service is advantageous for the sugar and alcohol sector, we need to talk about it. Therefore, industrial hydrojetting is a technique that aims to clean equipment and industrial tanks.

Made with the use of accessories such as pumps with different flow and pressure ranges, the product also has specific devices for each type of application. In this way, the efficiency of using the water jet at the proper pressure is even better.  

That is, hydrojetting is a quick, practical and very effective way to clean equipment such as pipes, boilers, ovens and other machines with pipes, heat exchangers, oil platform structures and much more. 

Therefore, the service can be performed in different areas of the industry, such as petrochemical, airport, naval, mining, civil construction, cement, among others.

But after all, how is it done? 

The service can be performed in different ways, but it is always good to remember that it must be conducted by qualified professionals. In this way, specific hoses and accessories are used to design the water jet where there is some dirt or obstruction. As a result, solid materials that are impeding efficiency within a pipeline can be disintegrated without any damage or difficulty.

Service at sugarcane mills

Undeniably, the sugar and alcohol industry has many processes. In this way, hydrojetting can act providing more productivity and preventing eventual problems. 

For example, one of the stages of processing sugarcane is the concentration of the juice, which passes through the evaporators. 

However, this phase of the work can cause the formation of fouling due to the fixation of suspended substances, precipitation of dissolved solids that become insoluble solids due to the increase in temperature.

In addition, the thermal insulation between the steam and the broth generates high steam consumption, less water condensation and evaporation of the broth, which may compromise the thermal and energy balance of the plant.

Therefore, it is essential to seek to eliminate these risks by periodically cleaning the entire system. 

That's where hydrojetting comes in. Because the service removes residues accumulated on the surfaces, allowing better fluidity between them and preventing dangers of contamination, obstructions and even stopping the machines. 

After all, water jets can completely clean the equipment and prevent the accumulation of incrustations that can reduce the quality of its operation and cause more expenses for the company, because as the contact is indirect, it reduces the internal wear of the tubes and offers a longer useful life for them.

In addition, it is worth remembering that apart from evaporators, hydrojetting can clean other equipment such as boilers, heaters and syrup line machines, for example. Thus, with the service completed, the machinery works efficiently and delivers faster and better results. 

The main advantages of hydrojetting 

As we mentioned at the beginning of this text, hydrojetting offers many advantages for industries. In fact, we want to mention some of them so that you can understand how your plant can enjoy the benefits of this effective and safe service.

Abrasive-free cleaning 

First, among the main advantages of betting on hydrojetting is the fact that cleaning does not use abrasives for its performance.

In other words, the method uses only water for clearance and no chemical product that can pose risks to the health of professionals and the ecosystem.

So it is a way to help protect the environment from possible contamination. In this way, it is possible to ensure that equipment and employees are also protected. Because the service does not generate particulate and polluting waste. 

Fast and effective method 

In fact, hydrojetting is a practical service that can offer quick results. Thus, with the help of the right equipment, high pressure water is sent towards the obstructions in a very short period. 

Thus, the waste is quickly pushed in a few minutes so that the equipment's productivity returns to full steam.

The speed of the operation is very important for uniformity in the removal of the encrustation, with an average of 700 tubes per nozzle and hour worked being ideal.

Elimination of even oils and greases

Finally, it is important to note that with specific and suitable pumps, hydrojetting removes even greases and oils, which are difficult materials to be eliminated and can cause some problems in different equipment. Because when they cool, they can harden and accumulate on the walls of pipes. Lemasa offers a solution that, by heating the water, eliminates the use of solvent and also promotes asepsis of the system.

Did you like our text about hydrojetting, its advantages and application in the sugar and alcohol industry? So keep an eye on our blog. Soon we will have new articles like this!

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