Get to know the models of high pressure hoses for hydrojetting and their applications

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  • Get to know the models of high pressure hoses for hydrojetting and their applications

Undoubtedly, high pressure hoses are essential items for hydrojetting tasks. In fact, we recently published an article on our blog that talks about the subject and highlights the importance of this solution for cleaning and clearing surfaces, pipes and even equipment.

But, in today's text we want to talk about this product and present some essential models for hydrojet services.

So, if you want to know a little more about the topic and know some options, read on and check it out!

What is a waterjet hose?

Before talking about the models of this important accessory, we want to explain what it is. Therefore, it is an item used to increase the distance of the high pressure equipment to the place that will receive the cleaning work.

Thus, each hose has its assembly instruction and test according to the manufacturer, and can be made in strokes of up to 40 meters to meet the applications of water jetting and pressure up to 40.000psi.

How to choose the ideal accessory?  

In fact, finding the ideal options for your waterjetting equipment is a task that requires responsibility and attention.

So we want to talk about how to buy the ideal solution for your machine.
First, when selecting an industrial hose, it must always be considered that the terminals are a fundamental part of the geometry of the assembled hoses.

Thus, the compatibility of the connections and fixation of the terminals must be checked, to be assembled with the other items of the system. That is, it is necessary to have attention at the terminals recommended for each type of hose and follow the assembly instructions. Inadequate components can damage the hose during assembly and lead to failure.

High pressure hose models

In addition, we also want to talk about the characteristics of the material, such as internal and external diameters, working and rupture pressures, the dimensions of the pressed terminals and available models. Check out the options below and ask your questions:

If you are interested and want to know some additional information, speak right now with our sales department and get to know our differentials and advantages!   


3 / 8 " 1.200 bar (17.400 PSI) 3.000 bar (43.500 PSI) 12 mm 20 mm 26 mm M24DKO Female
1 / 2 " 1.100 bar (15.55 PSI) 2.750 bar (3.888 PSI) 12 mm 25 mm 28,5 mm M24DKO Female
1 / 2 " 1.400 bar (20.300 PSI) 2.100 bar (30.450 PSI) 12 mm 27 mm 32 mm M24DKO Female
3 / 4 " 1.000 bar (14.500 PSI) 2.500 bar (36.250 PSI) 19 mm 32 mm 35,5 mm M36DKO Female

Polyamide hoses

3/2 1.000 bar (14.500 PSI) 2.500 bar (25.375 PSI) 3 mm 7 mm 9,5 mm M7 Male
4/2 1.200 bar (17.400 PSI) 3.000 bar (43.500 PSI) 4 mm 7,7 mm 10 mm 1/8 ″ BSP Male

M7 Male

1/8 NPT Male

1/4 BSP Female
5/2 1.000 bar (14.500 PSI) 2.500 bar (36.250 PSI) 4,7 mm 9,5 mm 12 mm 1/8 ″ BSP Male

1/4 BSP Female
5/6 2.500 bar (36.250 PSI) 6.250 bar (90.625 PSI) 4,7 mm 13 mm 19 mm 3/8 ″ UNF ESQ. Male
5 / 6H 2.800 bar (40.600 PSI) 7.000 bar (101.500 PSI) 4,7 mm 13,2 mm 19 mm 3/8 ″ UNF ESQ. Male
6/2 1.100 bar (15.950 PSI) 2.750 bar (39.875 PSI) 6,4 mm 11,6 mm 14 mm 1/4 ″ BSP Male

1/4 BSP Female
8 / 2P 1.000 bar (14.500 PSI) 2.500 bar (36.250 PSI) 8,2 mm 15,7 mm 20 mm M24DKOX1.5DKO Female

1/4 BSP Male

M18X1.5PL Male
8/4 1.500 bar (21.750 PSI) 3.750 bar (54.375 PSI) 8 mm 15,1 mm 20,5 mm 1/4 BSP Male

M24DKO Female
8 / 8H 2.800 BAR (40.600 PSI) 7.000 BAR (101.500 PSI) 7,8 mm 17,3 mm 23 mm 9/16 ″ UNF ESQ. Male

Benefits of buying with LEMASA

We supply hoses to meet different industrial requirements, as well as, for applications in various segments for example:

  • Petrochemical industry;
  • Civil construction branch;
  • Sugar and alcohol industry;
  • Mining industry;
  • Oil platforms.

All hoses manufactured by LEMASA are produced with a safety factor between the minimum burst pressure and the maximum working pressure.


Likewise, items are released after hydrostatic testing, according to SAE J 3 (# 4.2) ISO 1402 and 7751 specifications, aiming at reliability in supply.

In addition, we also provide terminal exchange and recertification services for high pressure hoses.

Essential devices for safe results

After revealing the characteristics and models of high pressure hoses, we will list some fundamental items so that operations are even safer.  Here are some of them:  

Security loop

security loop

This accessory is specially developed to keep the system together in case of rupture of one of the hose connectors (terminals / connections), preventing the accessory from striking the operator.

Thus, in cases where the rupture of the flexible can cause damage by whipping, it is recommended to use the safety loop to fix the connection elements by properly attached steel cable.

In addition, when connecting moving parts, it must be ensured that the high pressure hose in motion does not come into friction anywhere.

Safety sock and hose protection

hose safety

When using jetting hoses, it is important that precautions are taken to ensure the safety of the employees who will handle them. In this way, the safety meshes are installed on the hose.

After all, in addition to minimizing the damage caused in the event of a hose rupture, the meshes reduce the risks of whipping, protecting the health of professionals.

Safety spring and crystal

protection spring

First, the safety spring is a protective hose spiral made of polyethylene. The PVC crystal spring, on the other hand, has a smooth external surface.

In this way, solutions are applied to protect hoses from wear and tear due to friction and drag on rough and porous surfaces, resulting in increased component life.

It is worth remembering that, in addition to the use of these devices, it is essential to signal the environment, so that only trained professionals circulate around the site, in addition to ensuring that operators use all the necessary Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

If you want to know more about our product line for industrial safety, contact us and ask your questions with our technical team.

And if you liked our text, keep an eye on LEMASA's blog to check out other content like this!  

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