Discover 3 important applications of hydro-jet cleaning

In fact, cleaning equipment, industrial tanks and preparing large surfaces for painting is a very important process for different segments. However, there are many doubts about which areas can benefit from the action. In fact, we will talk about this throughout this text, which will show three places of application for the hydrojet.

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The importance of hydrojet 

Undoubtedly, the procedure helps many industries. First, the service is essential to eliminate materials that may be embedded in the equipment.

Likewise, the action helps to restore the productivity that the machine needs to continue operating with high performance.

Undeniably, the cleaning method is very practical. After all, it manages to reach places that are difficult to reach without damaging the structure.

All work is carried out using a high pressure pump, which is connected to an engine and fed with water. According to its configuration, it exerts the flow and pressure necessary for cleaning.

Therefore, there are many benefits to investing in this type of service, which can be applied in different segments with total efficiency in each one. Among the main advantages we can highlight:

  • Ecologically correct alternative;
  • Does not use or decrease the use of chemicals;
  • It does not have solid particles suspended in the atmosphere;
  • Possibility of use in an atmosphere with high humidity;
  • Can work in “Ex” (explosion-proof) areas;
  • Method approved by Petrobras, airports, shipyards, chemical industries etc.

Efficient actions for varied objectives

In fact, the versatility of this type of service allows it to be applied in different situations, which have both low degrees of dirt and more severe incrustations.

Therefore, water jet cleaning helps to solve different needs. But for that it is necessary to use the correct definition of flow, pressure and adequate devices to achieve the best result.

Likewise, the service must be guided by specialists and must be done by a professional trained for the task, who can act in the following actions:

  • Preparation of surfaces for painting;
  • Hydrodemolition;
  • Clearing tubes;
  • Fouling removal; 
  • Refractory cutting in boiler;
  • Cleaning of transfer lines;
  • Cleaning of structures, grids and skids of painting booths; 
  • Descaring;
  • Cleaning of river galleries and sewage; 
  • Cleaning of heat exchangers.

3 applications in practice 

Now that you know what it is and how it is done with hydrojet cleaning, we want to show 3 of its main applications. See below!

Construction industry

First, we want to talk about the construction industry, a fundamental area for world development and in constant growth. Hydrojetting services can be performed in this sector, through controlled hydrodemolition, concrete apicalization. As well as surface preparation, cleaning of forms and shoring.


The naval industry, which manufactures vessels and water transport vehicles, such as boats, ships and speedboats, is also another that can count on hydro-jet activities. Therefore, in this case, the services performed include surface preparation, epoxy paint removal, pipe cleaning, boiler cleaning and barnacle removal. 

Sugar and alcohol industry

Finally, there is another segment that benefits from hydrojetting services. It is the sugar and alcohol industry, which is responsible for producing sugar, alcohol and other derivatives of sugarcane such as ethanol, for example.

In fact, Brazil is one of the largest producers and exporters of this type of product. Therefore, it is necessary that companies seek solutions that help in the productivity and high performance of their professionals and equipment. 

In this way, internal cleaning with hydrojet can help machines such as evaporators and pre-evaporators, heaters, boilers and syrup lines. 

What determines a good cleaning in all segments?

There are some essential factors to ensure good cleaning with the use of water jet equipment. Are they:

  • The adequate flow;
  • The correct pressure;
  • The ideal accessory for every application, such as nozzles, hoses, pistols etc;
  • A well-defined operation team;
  • Have trained and qualified operators;
  • The speed and attention in the operation.

In fact, in addition to the areas mentioned, the service has possible applications in several other sectors, such as automotive, airport, cement, civil construction, pulp and paper, basic sanitation, oil platforms, among others.

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