Hydroblasting pumps: see how they can be applied in basic sanitation


Undoubtedly, operations involving hydrojet equipment are advantageous for different segments. But today we want to talk about the benefits of hydroblasting pumps for basic sanitation companies and show where our solutions work in this area.

So if you want to know more, read on and stay on top of the subject!

What are hydroblasting pumps?

Without a doubt, hydroblasting pumps are essential for many tasks.

As it is extremely effective and ready to act at different pressures, the solution can be used to clean surfaces and equipment, and to unclog even materials that are more difficult to eliminate.

The accessory is responsible for releasing the fluid from the water according to the speed of its activation. Thus, a pump has items such as: piston, head and valve.

In fact, on our blog we publish an article that explains exactly how this type of equipment works. Click here, read the full content and ask your questions!

What is the importance of basic sanitation services?

Before showing the models of hydrojet pumps for basic sanitation, we want to talk about the importance of services in this type of segment.

Therefore, when we talk about this area, we are referring to the set of services that provide the population with access to treated water and sewage collection and treatment. But within these actions there are other tasks such as: urban cleaning, solid waste management and urban rainwater drainage.

In fact, it is important to highlight that this sector is fundamental for all of us, as it directly impacts our lives, through the prevention of diseases, reduction of infant mortality, as well as improvements in education, employment opportunities and even in national tourism.

In other words, basic sanitation services are essential for the population's quality of life, as well as for the development of a country. In this way, all the improvements made to your processes can benefit many people at once.

How do LEMASA's solutions work in the area of ​​basic sanitation?

LEMASA offers the most complete line of high pressure pumps for use in sewerage that requires pressure up to 200 bar (2.900 PSI). For pressures above, consult our sales department. Well, we offer equipment for other pressure ranges.

In this case, our solutions work in the following applications: 

  • Unclogging of sewage networks;
  • Various pipes;
  • Cleaning of sewers;
  • Stormwater galleries;
  • Boxes of fat;
  • Sanitary cesspools.

Models recommended for the segment

After explaining a little more about the product, we want to talk about the most used options in basic sanitation. See the main ones:

Alternative high pressure pump

This type of solution is ideal for the segment and offers simpler operations under the following conditions:

TW and TWS model

  • 40 to 50 l/min pumps;
  • For cleaning up to 4″.

EL and ELS model

  • 100 to 150 l/min pumps;
  • For cleaning up to 300 mm.

GL, GLR, SL and SLR model

  • 100 to 263 l/min pumps;
  • For cleaning up to 1 meter.

To find out more information about larger pipes, consult our sales department!

Most used drives

The HPP and Comet range pumps are supplied as a direct shaft or coupled speed reducer option. They can be triggered in the following ways:

  • With transmission system from a power take-off coupled to the gearbox of the truck itself;
  • Stationary motor;
  • Transfer box connected to the cardan of the truck, between the gearbox and differential.

Benefits of High Pressure Pumps

Now that you know about high pressure pumps and know how they can work in sanitation companies, it's time to understand their main advantages.

First, the pumps of the HPP line provide safer operations, as they do not come into direct contact with the residues, unlike cleaning with a manual rod.

Thus, the methods that use this option, clean the waste, allowing the obstruction to be broken into smaller pieces, totally unclogging your sewage network and treating the effluents from the process, without the use of chemicals that are harmful to health and the environment. .


In addition, high pressure pumps can have their water pressure adjusted according to the type of clogging and structure, not damaging the place to be cleaned.

The advantages of betting on high pressure pumps for basic sanitation from the HPP line

Finally, we want to present solutions that can provide the best cost-benefit
for your company.

When investing in HPP options, you are sure to have items from
quality, produced by the largest manufacturer of high and ultra equipment and accessories.
high pressure from Latin America.

As a result, our hydroblasting pumps have flexibility in whatever your pressure wash application.

In fact, we have a wide range of options to meet your needs and

Our branded products are available with direct shaft or belt coupled speed reducer and gearbox options.

Want to see more details of our items?

Then visit our website and find the ideal option for your industry!

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