Rotating nozzles: discover 3 options that will improve your company's results

rotating nozzles

Undoubtedly, rotating nozzles are important tools for hydrojetting services. They can be used for cleaning processes and other applications with high pressure levels and are supplied in different models and configurations.

To better explain how they work, we will present 3 solutions that can improve the results when using your company's waterjet equipment.

So, read on and find the ideal options for your segment!

What is the function of the rotating nozzle?

First, the rotating nozzle is responsible for converting the energy generated by the hydrojetting pump through the flow of water, known as pressure, into impact force, through the projection speed.

The nozzles can have interchangeable inserts and are mounted on a hose or accessories such as: pistol, lance or devices. Thus, it presents different specifications and features, according to the desired application.

In fact, rotating nozzles are widely used in industrial waterjetting operations, through cleaning, surface preparation and clearance work. Thus, it is important that you understand that the rotating nozzle has some specific features and functionality.

Then, the high pressure rotating nozzle is used to clear obstructions, encrustations and break other blockages.

Well used, it projects a jet of water at high speed and reaches the entire pipe wall, ensuring uniform cleaning, providing high productivity and speed services.

In addition, one of its biggest advantages is that it eliminates the use of impact mechanical tools and preserves the device, equipment or structure to be cleaned, which allows more agile and precise tasks.

Main segments using the product

As we have already mentioned throughout the text, rotating nozzles are widely needed for different sectors.

But, we also want to highlight in which segments they are most used.

Therefore, among the main applications, we can mention:

  • Chemical industry;
  • Petrochemical companies;
  • Sugar and alcohol industry;
  • Automobile and airport sector;
  • Naval Industry;
  • Oil platforms;
  • Cement industry, mining and basic sanitation.

As you have seen, many sectors can work with this type of accessory. But, it is important to know how to choose accessories that provide greater safety and quality for the team, avoiding possible risks that could compromise everyone's work and safety.

Thus, the results will be efficient and safe.

To get this important decision right, some factors must be considered. In fact, we recently published on our blog, a text that can help you when buying equipment for water jet services.

Click here and check out the tips we have listed in our content!

rotating nozzles

3 rotary nozzle options for your industry

We want to list some options that you need to know. Check out!

First, let's talk about the nozzle Gladius 22K. The self-rotating tool was developed for cleaning piping lines with curves up to 90º and internal diameter from 4 ”to 12” (100 to 300 mm).

In this way, the accessory moves in a forward direction through the pipeline. Thus, the operator only needs to control his advance speed.

In addition, for subsequent cleaning, simply retract the tool to its starting position at the beginning of the operation.

Click here to access the technical information of the GLADIUS 22K

Another rotating nozzle of our manufacture, which offers complete and effective jobs is the Dagger 22K.

The high efficiency solution, which has a maximum pressure of 1.500 bar (22.000 psi), is ideal for cleaning pipes from 6 ”(152mm) to 60” (1.524mm) using centralizers.

In this way, it is possible to adjust its rotation using hydraulic fluid. In fact, the nozzles can be configured according to the type of application, providing greater cleaning results.

Click here to access the technical information of the DAGGER 22K

Finally, the Cyclone 22K it is also among the suggestions of rotating nozzles that we want to present you. Suitable for cleaning tubes in general, the rotating device has replaceable heads for unblocking and radial or universal cleaning.

The accessory, which is available in 12 mm and 18 mm diameters, is efficient in the application of equipment from different sectors.

Click here to access the technical information of the CYCLONE 22K

The ideal solution for your industry

Now that you know some quality rotary nozzle options, you may be interested in finding other solutions for waterjetting tasks.

Therefore, when accessing the Our site you get to know more about our high pressure pumps, accessories and waterjet equipment that are references in the market.

In addition, you can also check out more details about the possible applications of our products.

But, if you want to continue on this topic, our tip is to continue accessing the LEMASA's blog.

After all, we always post content with tips and recommendations that can improve your company's results.

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