Waterjet nozzle: learn about the function and models of this essential accessory

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  • Waterjet nozzle: learn about the function and models of this essential accessory

On our blog, we always highlight the applications and benefits of hydroblasting for different industries. However, today we are going to talk a little more about the hydrojet nozzle, an indispensable accessory for companies that want to gain all the advantages promoted by the method.

So, if you want to know more information about this important item, read on and stay on top of the subject!

What is a waterjet nozzle?

First, let's talk about the material. Therefore, it is the last part that comes into contact with water before it leaves the high pressure equipment. In other words, the hydrojet nozzle is a simple component that can control the pressure and flow of water produced during hydrojetting services.

In this way, the accessory creates the water jet with the speed, flow, pressure, profile and distribution required for each application. Also known as nozzles, the nozzles have one or more openings through which the system discharges, restricting the fluid flow area and accelerating the water to the required speed, as needed for the application.

By the way, it is worth noting that combinations of forward and backward holes are often used to obtain the necessary thrust.

Speaking of which, we have posted on our blog a text that explains everything you need to know about rotating nozzles. In the content you can read clicking here, we reveal the functions of the accessory and present some options capable of improving your company's results.

How to choose the best option for your company?

As mentioned above, the water jet nozzle is a fundamental accessory for cleaning surfaces and clearing obstructions of different types of equipment.

But to enjoy all the benefits offered by the material, you must choose a quality solution for your business.

For starters, the tip is to bet on companies that are known for their quality. In fact, when betting on a renowned brand with good customer acceptance, the chance of being positively surprised is much greater.

So, before deciding where to buy, do some research. Check the reputation of the suppliers you are interested in and find out what other companies think about the material.

Likewise, seek information about the segments served and invest in products that fit your sector. Without a doubt, having a versatile brand and a wide range of items can make a big difference.

Finally, to choose the best waterjet nozzle, take into account the good service, payment facilities and after-sales service. After all, having support after the purchase is crucial. Therefore, it ensures that your company has even more security to carry out the tasks with the purchased material.

Learn about some types of waterjet nozzles

Now that we have revealed the function, some essential features and factors to choose a good waterjet nozzle, we want to present the models that can be used in your company.

In fact, LEMASA develops and manufactures rotary nozzles for hydroblasting in compliance with the strictest engineering requirements and standards of the sectors in which we operate.     

If you want to see the complete line, just access our product page and check the details of each accessory.


In fact, rotary nozzles are items used for internal cleaning of pipes and removal of scale on the walls of heat exchangers and pipe lines in general.

Therefore, we want you to know some varieties available. See more below:

Radial T and Front Radial B Line

Firstly, the Turbo Radial line, known as the T Nozzle, is used for lateral cleaning of pipes.

Likewise, the Turbo Radial Front model, named Nozzle B, is used for side and front cleaning of clogged pipes.

But, consider that each of these types serves different functions and has application in different processes with adequate efficiency.

In addition, the rotating nozzles are available in different diameters and with inserts with different orifices, dimensioned according to the flow rate of the hydroblasting equipment.

When we talk about maximum pressure, the recommendations are:

  • 1.000 bar (14.500psi) for T10, T12 and B12 nozzles;
  • 1.400 bar (20.000 psi) for the other models.

See our waterjet nozzles table for more details:

Turbo Radial Model Tube inner diameter Thread 02 Inserts
T-10 Ø 12 to 15mm M7 0,8
T-12 Ø 15 to 19 mm 1/8 ″ BSP 0,8
T-15 Ø 18 to 20mm 1/8 ″ BSP 0,8
T-18 Ø 20 to 25mm 1/4 ″ BSP 0,9
T-22 Ø 25 to 30mm 1/4 ″ BSP 0,7 | 0,8 | 0,9 | 1,0 | 1,2
T-28 Ø 30 to 33mm 1/2 ″ BSP 0,6 0,7 0,8 0,9 1,0 1,2
T-31 Ø 33 to 35 mm 1/2 ″ BSP 0,6 0,7 0,8 0,9 1,0 1,2
T-33 Ø 35 to 37 mm 1/2 ″ BSP 0,6 0,7 0,8 0,9 1,0 1,2
T-35 Ø 37 to 47mm 1/2 ″ BSP 0,7 | 0,8 | 0,9 | 1,0
T-45 Ø 47 to 57mm 1/2 ″ BSP 0,7 | 0,8 | 0,9 | 1,0
T-55 Ø 57 to 75 mm 1/2 ″ BSP 0,7 | 0,8 | 0,9 | 1,0 | 1,2
Front Radial Turbo Model Tube inner diameter Thread 04 Inserts
B-12 Ø 14 to 18mm 1/8 ″ BSP 0,8| 0,9 | 1,0
B-18 Ø 20 to 25mm 1/4 ″ BSP 0,7 | 0,8 | 0,9
B-22 Ø 25 to 28mm 1/4 ″ BSP 0,7 | 0,8 | 0,9 | 1,0 | 1,2
B-28 Ø 30 to 35 mm 1/2 ″ BSP 0,7 | 0,8 | 0,9 | 1,0 | 1,2
B-35 Ø 37 to 45mm 1/2 ″ BSP 0,7 | 0,8 | 0,9 | 1,0 | 1,2
B-45 Ø 47 to 50 mm 1/2 ″ BSP 0,7 | 0,8 | 0,9 | 1,0| 1,2

straight and fan nozzless

The nozzles for waterjets of straight and fan models are accessories used in the gun and applied in cleaning, removal, treatment and demolition of surfaces with a pressure of up to 1500 bar (21.755 psi).

In this way, the straight nozzle concentrates the stream of water over a small area, minimizing spray diffusion. Typical application is for cutting or general cleaning of hard and very resistant materials.

The fan-hole spout spreads the water stream in a plane, giving ample coverage to the work area.

Therefore, a typical application is cleaning large areas, requiring less energy to remove unwanted materials.

Like the line mentioned above, these nozzles are available in different diameters and are dimensioned according to the flow rate of the hydrojet pump. In fact, in this case, it is recommended that the maximum reaction/retreat force, supported by an operator for an extended period of time, is at most equal to 25 kgf.

See the images of the nozzles below:  


Bet on LEMASA accessories

If you are interested and want to know the solutions that LEMASA offers to have more economy, agility and productivity in your business, talk to our team and ask all your questions about our solutions.

We are waiting for your contact to make a free quote!

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