LEMASA accessories: discover items capable of improving your hydrojetting results

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  • LEMASA accessories: discover items capable of improving your hydrojetting results

There is no denying that hydrojetting is a service full of advantages. But, in addition to talking about the benefits of this method, today we want to present essential LEMASA solutions, so that your company can achieve safe and accurate results.

So, let's talk about an ideal device for operation and show you gun options for your waterjet equipment.

So, if you want to discover some items that can make a difference in your tasks, read on and check it out!

Essential solutions for hydrojetting

Undoubtedly, there are accessories that can increase the results of hydrojetting services. Next, we will list some options that can improve your company's tasks. Check out:


O Power box it is a high and ultra pressure safety device to control the flow of water from the gun, allowing the operator to control the equipment more safely. Responsible for depressurizing and pressurizing the system (mobile by-pass), it works only if the triggers of the spray gun are activated.

Therefore, work with two or more pistols must proceed in the same way as when working with only one pistol. The main difference is the use of the regulating valve to guarantee the necessary flow.

power box pistol


Firstly, this accessory is equipped with two pneumatic control triggers, connected in series for operator safety.

Thus, the flow of Penta Pistol it is released only when both are activated simultaneously. The item was designed to work with safety, comfort and simplicity, and can be used to clean various types of surfaces for a pressure range of 1400bar (20.300psi) or 2.800bar (40.000psi).

penta pistol


With a pneumatically operated rotating lance, the High-pressure gun katana it has a double trigger and nozzle holder for 04 or 06 sapphire inserts. In addition, it is designed for operation up to 3.100 bar (45.000 psi).

The speed control can be done by adjusting the outlet pressure on the air box regulator of the Power Box.

Finally, in order to have a better performance and greater safety in its use, it is recommended that the Penta or Katana pistol should be connected to the Power Box whenever using a pneumatically operated pistol.

The improvements applied by Lemasa to this safety device, allow it to be used for multiple tools, without the need for adaptation.

katana pistol

Innovations and continuous improvements from LEMASA

LEMASA always seeks continuous improvements in its products to conquer an expanding market. Among the advances, we can mention:

  • Use of a unique sealing system for Ultra High Pressure, which guarantees the performance of the equipment and meets or exceeds market prospects;
  • Development of an operational control system composed of PLC, which monitors and adjusts the operation parameter in real time;
  • Interconnected and complementary to the previous item, a remote monitoring mechanism was developed. In this way, our guardian system allows operational control at a distance, facilitating the management of the equipment fleet.

The advantages of hydrojetting

Finally, in addition to talking about LEMASA's solutions to improve hydrojetting results, we want to highlight the advantages of the processes.

First, the method does not damage pipes and surfaces and does not put equipment at risk.

Another great benefit that deserves to be highlighted is the practicality. The service is simple and provides quick results.

Thus, with the help of the right equipment and accessories, it is possible to clean and unclog in a short time.

Thus, with the combination of ideal solutions, the action removes even materials that are difficult to eliminate, such as oils and greases, which could cause problems on different machines and surfaces.

Finally, the method does not offer risks associated with the use of chemical products, since it uses only water in its actions. This factor undoubtedly eliminates risks to the health of professionals and the ecosystem.

As you saw throughout the text, LEMASA pistols are ready to offer more productivity and better results in hydrojetting services.

But, we have other items that can make the process even simpler and more practical.

To check it out, just access our website!  

In addition, if you want to know a little more about this method, how about reading a content that highlights three applications of the service?

Click here and read a full text on the subject!

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